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Who doesn’t love enjoyment, relaxation and quality time, all spend under the summer sun? With a new Athena LX Above-Ground Pool from Aqua Leader, you can enjoy everything about the summertime all season long! 

Whether you’re looking to entertain the kids, unwind after a long day at work, or host an elegant pool party on the weekend, Aqua Leader has your every need covered. 

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Athena LX by Aqua Leader

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Your Summer Begins with the Athena Above Ground Pool

The Athena transforms your backyard into an oasis, seamlessly blending its liner wall graphics with its structural components. This stunning above-ground pool enhances your outdoor space, inviting you to indulge in unforgettable summer days. Dive into the Athena and enjoy the perfect combination for an exceptional summer experience! 


Cool Fun All Summer


Our pool brings unique style and beauty to your yard with design-inspired walls. Khaki colored co-ordinated posts and top ledges add a graceful touch. This look complements any backyard and any taste. And this new Aquarian pool looks beautiful year after year, while it adds value to your lifestyle.


Our pool stands up to whatever kids can dish out, while it handles any weather with ease. Our 7˝ resin ledge resists weather, water and wear. Durable 6˝ resin upright posts with unique interlocking resin caps and resin foot collars give the whole package strength, support and style. The Kamika frame consists entirely of all-resin components to resist corrosion and withstand the test of time.


Added engineering means long life, easy care and more useable yard space. Available with traditional angle bracing or a space-saving Narrow Buttress System (NBS). Your pool installs easily. Ledges, caps and posts fit snugly and securely. Skimmer and return outlets come pre-punched.


We’ve designed each pool to make installation problem-free with no multi-sized washers or nuts to worry about. Just one large screw type is used to assemble the entire pool and we provide easy-to-follow instructions.

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Why Own a Pool?

Owning a pool transforms your backyard into a personal oasis, offering a perfect blend of relaxation, entertainment, and fitness opportunities. Imagine the luxury of a refreshing swim on a hot summer day or hosting unforgettable gatherings with family and friends, all within the comfort of your home. A pool provides an excellent way to stay active, promoting cardiovascular health and overall well-being through low-impact exercise.

With the installation of an above-ground pool, you can add aesthetic appeal and value to your property, creating a serene environment that can serve as a daily retreat from the stresses of life. Investing in a pool means investing in a lifestyle of leisure, health, and endless enjoyment.

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