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Tip of the Month: Foaming

Reduce foaming by making sure there is enough sanitizer in your spa, shocking your spa, and ensuring that alkalinity, calcium, and pH are balanced. Rinse bathing suits after washing to reduce the amount of residual soap in the spa. Keep a bottle of Foam Away handy to immediately reduce foaming.

New Water

Add 1/4 cap of dissolved Brominating Concentrate, if using bromine tablets by filter
Shock spa with 1 - 2 Tbsp of Easy Shock and leave cover off for at least 30 minutes
Add 2 or 3 Bromine or chlorine Tablets to the chemical dispenser
Add one oz of Super Clarifier or four oz of Spa Perfect as desired 4 hours after shocking

Regular Maintenance

Shock Spa with 1 - 2 Tsp of Easy Shock, or Brite plus after each use or at least weekly, leaving cover off for 30 minutes
Using test strips, test water every other day and adjust Bromine or chlorine, Alkalinity, and pH as needed
Ensure that there are enough tablets in the chemical dispenser
Unsure? Bring us a 1-litre water sample taken at elbow depth for a free water analysis or Contact Us

Sundance Spas of Edmonton has a factory-trained service team dedicated to ensuring our customers' spas are performing at their best. If you are having trouble with your spa, contact us about scheduling a service call.

Do you need maintenance or service for your Spa? Check out our Rate Sheet.


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