Newsletter April 2017


What a crazy year. We decided not to take part in the supposed downturn and had a spectacular year. Overall, we were up double digits. Our spring has been the best in the 26 years Diana and I have owned Pools & Spas of Excellence. This winter we also came to a hard decision. Pools & Spas has been opening and closing swimming pools for 40 years. In January, we lost Sam to the military. Sam had been with us for 5 years and was lead on swimming pools maintenance and service. Over the years, it has become harder and harder to find swimming pool technicians. Our customer base has changed and is now much more hot tub orientated. With Sam leaving the training of pool technicians would revert to me. I am not up to training a new crew for 4 months work only to start over next year. The spa portion of the business has exploded. We are able to keep the technicians going all year without a seasonal slowdown. We will still provide free water testing, carry all the water care chemicals, the pool products and equipment for swimming pools.

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