Should I Have An Indoor Or Outdoor Hot Tub

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Installing a hot tub?

This is an exciting time for you and your family. After you’ve found the perfect spa, you must decide where it will be installed. The location of your hot tub installation can have a direct impact on your overall hot tub experience.

Inside or outside, that is the question. In this article we’re going to take a look at the advantages of both and identify some of the tasks you may have to face during the installation. We promise that it will all worth it in the end!


If you prefer to spend your time inside, an indoor hot tub installation may be right for you.

Most indoor hot tubs are installed within a basement or indoor gym area, while some homeowners opt to build a room specifically for a hot tub. The room where you install your indoor hot tub must have proper ventilation, non-slip flooring, moisture-resistant drywall, a floor drain, and a reliable source of both water and electricity. These requirements often make having an indoor hot tub installation more difficult, adding to the popularity of outdoor hot tubs, as they are much easier to achieve.

The advantages of an indoor hot tub can include:

  • Neutral, comfortable temperature surrounding the hot tub
  • Convenient and easy to access
  • Improved safety and supervision
  • Added privacy and seclusion
  • Indoor plants (they love the moisture and humidity)

Before installing your indoor hot tub, we suggest having an architect, contractor or hot tub installation specialist inspect the area to ensure a sound project.


Experience the beauty and solitude of the great outdoors from the comfort of your hot tub. Outdoor spas are often installed in the backyard within the deck, patio or lawn areas. Installed above or below ground, outdoor hot tubs will require a solid foundation that is strong enough to support and distribute the weight of the hot tub evenly. When filled with water, hot tubs can weigh anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs, depending on the material, size and model.

The advantages of an outdoor hot tub can include:

Hot tubs can be used throughout the year and in many climates. To extend the use of your hot tub, consider installing a gazebo or pergola for added privacy and protection from the elements.


Regardless of your personal preferences, you may have no other choice than an indoor or outdoor hot tub installation based on a range of factors. If you cannot get the hot tub inside the house or the installation costs are outside of your budget, you may have to opt for an outdoor installation. On the other hand, if your backyard doesn’t offer a source of electricity or cannot accommodate a hot tub safely, you might have to bring it inside the house.


The location of your hot tub installation should be solidified during the planning process. Before you begin to shop for models, create a plan to start off on the right foot.

This plan should include the location of your spa, as well as:

  • Budget
  • Size and capacity
  • Features
  • Brand
  • Hot tub accessories

We also recommend finding a trusted local spa dealership to purchase your hot tub from, like Sundance Spas of Edmonton. The experts at this dealership can work with the information in your plan to help you find the right hot tub for your lifestyle.


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