Everything You Need To Know About Hydrotherapy And More


Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, is one of the safest and most-traditional ways to heal the body and mind. Used extensively by physiotherapists in the treatment of sore muscles, it’s quickly become one of the unique perks of owning a hot tub.

If you’re in the market for a hot tub and want to learn how hydrotherapy can ease the pain of injuries or arthritis, control blood sugar levels, or even give you a decent night’s sleep, then read on as we dive into the benefits of this ancient tradition, and how it works.


Hydrotherapy dates back as far as ancient Greek and Roman times, where citizens would take to the public bath houses for rejuvenation and relaxation. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century when Sebastian Kneipp, one of the forefathers of naturopathic medicine, discovered water’s healing properties as a revolutionary rehabilitation method. Fast forward to today, where hydrotherapy is used in the treatment of a variety of health issues from muscular conditions to rheumatic diseases.


Ever notice how much more relaxed and healthy you feel after a soak in a hot tub? That’s because the hot water raises your body temperature, improving the flow of blood and lymph circulation, which leads to an increased metabolism and a calmer nervous system.

As your body temperature rises, you sweat, bringing toxins to the surface of your skin so they can be eliminated through, you guessed it, your skin! That’s how hydrotherapy works. It rids the body of toxins with the bonus of the water’s buoyancy and massage created by the hot tub’s water jets.

Here’s how:

The buoyancy of the water reduces your body weight by 85-90%, which increases your mobility and ability to move around, while relieving pressure on your joints, spine, ligaments, and muscles.

The massage jets gently knead your body and brings the benefit of good lymph drainage to help clear the body of toxins. It’s even known to control blood sugar levels.


There are many benefits of engaging in a hydrotherapy session on a regular basis. Here are some of the most notable and popular health benefits:

Reduction of muscle tension

That feeling of weightlessness we described earlier, not only relieves tension within your limbs and supporting muscles. It also releases endorphins which act as a natural pain reliever to reduce muscle soreness.

This works wonders for the effective treatment of arthritis and provides a natural alternative to painkillers. The muscle-relaxing and joint-loosening benefits of hot tubs have also been shown to help those with depression and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stress, Headaches, and Sleep

Hot tubs offer a great way to break the stress cycle of everyday modern life. Warm water massage stimulates the body to release endorphins that reduce stress naturally. In addition to stress reduction, hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessels to help prevent headaches. The National Sleep Foundation also states that “soaking in hot water, such as a hot tub or bath, before retiring to bed can ease the transition into a deeper sleep.”

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