5 Steps To Throw The Perfect Pool Party This Summer

Pool party

Beautiful sunny days in the summertime create the best opportunity to go for a swim. And what’s better, you can invite family and friends over for a fantastic backyard pool party!

Reconnect with loved ones and create new, valuable memories together – right from the comfort of your backyard pool installation! For help planning and hosting the best pool party of the summer, read on!

1. Plan The Perfect Installation

It all begins with your pool installation. The placement of your pool and additions throughout your backyard can help create the perfect setting for a summer pool party.

Your landscape can cater to you and your guests with lovely green grass, stunning flower gardens, and functional pathways. Stepping stones or walkways can lead you and your guests from the house to the patio and the pool!

Your patio is key to the perfect pool installation. Adding various seating options and even a patio dining set can provide guests with a place to sit or keep their belongings while in the water.

Your guests will feel reassured knowing they can watch their belongings from a distance. It can also prevent guests from leaving items on the ground, which can quickly become a safety hazard.

Complete your backyard paradise with the addition of water features like fountains or waterfalls, a hammock, hanging plants, a gazebo, or even a high-performance hot tub!

2. Rain Or Shine?

There’s nothing like a forecast predicting rain to ruin a pool party. Avoid this from happening by planning your party about a week in advance, or less. If the change in weather is sudden, have a backup plan like hanging a tarp over key areas, like the bar or food station.

Use your discretion about swimming in the pool if there is light rain or drizzle. If there is lightning and thunder, do not let people in the pool as this is very unsafe. Check the weather daily for any changes, so you can reschedule quickly if rain is expected.

3. Clean Your Pool

The safety of your guests should be a top priority. You should plan to completely clean and shock your pool about two to four days before your pool party. On the day of, head outside with your skimmer and remove any debris such as leaves, twigs, dirt, or insects from the pool.

Use a hose to wash down the area surrounding your pool, pushing dirt and debris away from the water. Once guests arrive, it may be hard to keep debris out of the pool.  Try keeping a basket of sandals and flip-flops around to help avoid guests walking barefoot and tracking more dirt into the water.

Keeping your swimming pool water balanced and sanitary can improve the pool party for everybody. The last thing you would want is for one of your guests to develop skin irritation or suffer from burning, red eyes, hence why cleaning is key!

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4. Stock Up On Pool Party Supplies

As the official party host, you have two main jobs: to make sure your guests are taken care of, and to have fun!

Make sure to have a variety of food and drink options for your guests. You never know who might have a food allergy, so aim to have neutral snacks available and lots of water to hydrate! You can also ask people to bring a food item and make the pool party a pot-luck. This ensures everyone is eating at least one thing they like!

For some reason, somebody always forgets a towel. Try to have several extra clean towels available for your guests, just in case. You can also grab a couple of pairs of sandals, sunscreen, and bug spray, too! Better safe than sorry!

5. Create A Tropical Atmosphere

Now, it’s time for the finishing touches! Unless you have given your party a specific theme, using tropical decorations can provide your pool party with the perfect beach-style atmosphere!

Add a few of these items to your backyard for a beach-themed party:

  • Tiki torch lights
  • Flowers
  • Beach balls
  • Fun, beach-themed music
  • Shells
  • Twinkle lights
  • Fruit décor
  • Outdoor candles

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Well, there you have it! Five simple steps to creating the perfect summer pool party! For more information about our selection of pools for sale in Edmonton, contact us today!

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