How To Throw An Epic Pool Party In 3 Simple Steps


When the summer sun hits, there’s nothing quite like a pool party to keep you refreshed and relaxed. Whether you’re lounging in your own backyard paradise or splashing about in a public pool, a swimming pool party is the only acceptable way to spend your summer days, especially when vacationing isn’t an option. So, grab your swimsuits, prepare your playlist and soak in our top three tips on throwing an epic pool party that will be as memorable as it is fun. Read on for more!


Add a splash of colour and excitement to the main attraction – your pool – with inflatable pool floats. These Instagrammable party supplies can create lasting summer memories and endless hours of entertainment. From flamingos and donuts to swans and unicorns, these ride-on, lie-on, float or play inflatables will catch the eye of every guest at your next pool party. Best of all, you can swim up underneath them and flip a friend over in the pool (safely, of course), so long as you don’t mind the favour being returned!  To take it up a notch, and depending on your pool size, you might even like to try having an inflatable race. Simply divide your partygoers into two teams and have them race laps of the pool in a relay.  The winner can receive a grand prize of your choosing.


Keep your guests hydrated and their appetites satiated with a medley of refreshing and fun finger foods. Stick with a simple menu of fruits and veggies, chips and dips, and mini burgers and hot dogs, so your guests can spend more time swimming and less time eating.  Use beach-themed cookie cutters and seashells to create sweet and savoury treats and decorate drinks with tropical umbrellas and straws. Avoid having anything made of glass, as you don’t want a broken bottle to ruin your party. So, in other words, stick to plastic and cans.


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to provide the perfect soundtrack to your summer pool party. After all, a pool party isn’t complete without music!  To ensure your summer sounds can be heard above the din of splashing, swimming and cannonballing, get a Bluetooth floating speaker to amplify your sound. We like the compact range of wireless and waterproof speakers available at Monster because like their namesake they provide a “monster” sound wherever you are.


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