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Exercise, as you might know, is the gateway to a healthy lifestyle. Regular training will help you feel more energetic, as well as prevent injuries and other issues that might affect your lifestyle. Introducing fitness to the comfort of your hot tub can enable you to reap the benefits of a low-impact form of training, that’s also a lot of fun! Keep reading to learn more about five staple exercises that can really help you tone your body and maintain good health. With fun and creative water workouts, you can spice up your training routine and make the most out of your hot tub.


Flutter kicks provide a fun and effective way to work out your body while in the water! Grab on to the edge of your spa, and let’s get started!

This is a perfect exercise for anyone who is looking to maximize lower body strength, strengthen your core, improve endurance and benefit overall cardiovascular health. The water provides resistance against your legs, making them work harder to move through the water.


If you are looking for an exercise that will help you strengthen your core, improve your upper body strength and build some muscle mass, reverse crunches might be exactly what you’re looking for. A great spin on a classic fitness routine, this exercise is even easier to perform while in the water, making for an excellent low-impact activity for your body. The slower you perform this exercise, the more it will work your abdominals.


This is a particularly great exercise to target your upper body, particularly your chest muscles and triceps. This exercise is best performed in a slow, steady movement, to ensure that you’re reaping all of the benefits. By tightening your core and flexing your abdominals, you can improve your balance and strengthen those muscles too.


Squats can help strengthen lower body muscles, like your core and legs. They are notoriously popular for effectively toning your glutes.

Squats can prove to be a highly-beneficial exercise when performed either dry land or in the water. With water-based exercise, the buoyancy will lift pressure from your muscles and joints, resulting in a more low-impact style workout. This can be quite beneficial for anyone who suffers from joint pain in their knees, but wants to perform squats.


Much like stretching, yoga can be practiced before, or in place of, other, more demanding workouts. It’s a perfect way to warm your body up, while at the same time improving your flexibility and mobility. Especially before going deeper into your routine.

Water-based yoga is a such a full-rounded and accomplished exercise, that it could replace an entire workout in general. There are so many poses for you to learn, and the wide variety of possible exercises can accommodate your needs and skills. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert yoga guru, hot tub yoga might be exactly what you need to stay healthy and grounded on a daily basis.

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