Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tub Yoga


Hot tub yoga is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and inspiring physical activities to practice at home. This discipline combines the many benefits of yoga, with the well-known properties of hot tubs. In short, this wellness activity provides a great combination of proven health benefits in a comfortable setting. In addition to that, hot tub yoga is very welcoming and accessible. You do not need to be a fitness guru or a seasoned athlete in order to reap the benefits. From children, to seniors, from middle aged men to teenagers and more, anybody can practice hot tub yoga and gain the great health benefits.

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Hot tub yoga is a form of low-impact fitness. This is because it allows you to train your body, much like you do when you work out, but in a way that isn’t as physically straining or demanding of your muscles.

A low impact exercise is a physical activity that has many positive benefits, while minimizing the risk of injuries or training-related issues. This is exactly what hot tub yoga is.

In addition to the obvious physical benefits, this activity also features the health benefits of hot tubs. The temperature of the water contributes to the user’s health, promoting the oxygen the flow of oxygen and positive endorphins through the bloodstream, while helping the skin to detox beautifully. The buoyancy of the water is also great to improve sleep patterns and stress, while reducing symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain and other mobility issues.


There are many hot tub yoga poses out there, but we handpicked six of our favourites to give you an idea of the broad range of possibilities.

Boat Pose

A great exercise to improve balance and upper body strength. A beneficial hot tub yoga pose for beginners.

Leaf Pose

This is a great pose that’s often considered a staple. Amazing to warm up and recommended for beginners.

Roots Pose

An excellent stretching exercise, this pose mimics the spread of a tree’s roots with arms and leg movements. Great for intermediate practitioners.

Warrior Pose

The warrior pose is quite simple, but it requires a lot of balance, patience and consistency. Ideal for intermediate users.

Lotus Pose

Harmonious, beautiful and graceful. This pose is ideal for advanced practitioners and can be performed while seated in one of the seats of your hot tub.

Leaping Tiger Pose

This pose is a bit demanding of your balance and muscle strength, but the benefits are well worth the hard work. The Leaping Tiger Pose is another great example of a pose that is recommended for advanced users.


When practicing hot tub yoga, it is important to keep safety in mind.

The general rule of thumb is to not overdo it. If you are feeling lightheaded or if the exercises are a bit too much to handle, don’t strain yourself. Know when to say enough is enough and take a break, you have nothing to prove!

It’s also important to build a safe environment around you. Make sure that there are slip mats around your hot tub, and keep drinking water by your side to stay hydrated. It’s also highly-recommended that you speak with a physician before starting any new fitness regimen, such as hot tub yoga.

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