When To Change Your Hot Tub Filter

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Your hot tub filter is vital to the health and operation of your hot tub. The circulation system sends water through your filter, to trap contaminants and ensure clear water. With any spa, ensuring that your hot tub filter is in good working order is imperative. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at filter maintenance and how often it needs to be changed.


As mentioned above, your hot tub filter is a vital component to the circulation system of your hot tub. Silent but powerful, the circulation system will send water through the filter. During this process, the filter will catch debris and contaminants that are in the water. This can help prevent debris from creating blockages in other areas of the system, while keeping the water clear and sparkling at the same time.

Modern filters are installed as a cartridge and can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced by the owner. If you are uncomfortable managing your hot tub filter or require assistance, request hot tub service in Edmonton today from our team of service professionals.


Rinse your hot tub filter every two weeks.

Performing a simple visual inspection and rinsing your filter with water using a spray nozzle or filter cleaning attachment on a hose can help prevent long-term problems with your system, improve the longevity of the filter and ensure clean water. Simply remove the filter and rinse it off with water from the hose. This will help to remove any built-up debris or contaminants.


Clean your hot tub filter every two months.

Rinsing your hot tub filter can help keep it clear of surface debris, but a deep cleaning is truly essential for dirt and debris that lay deep beneath the surface. Visit your local hot tub supply store for a filter cleaning solution, which you can soak your filter in for a few hours or overnight. Remove your filter from the solution, rinse with clean water again using a spray nozzle or a filter cleaning nozzle (available at your local pool or spa dealer), let the filter completely dry to tighten the fibers and place back into your hot tub.

We recommend keeping an extra filter handy for when you give it a deeper cleaning. Put it into your hot tub when you remove the original, so that your circulation and filtration system doesn’t skip a beat.


Life Expectancy of Spa Filters

Spa filters generally last up to three years and can last longer in cleaned regularly If you opt for a lower-quality filter, you may have to change it sooner rather than later. Signs it’s time to clean your filter include cloudy water, foaming water or a strong odor which can smell like chlorine, bread dough or smelly socks.

Essentially, when your filter isn’t working as well as when you first bought it, it’s likely time to replace it.


If you aren’t sure which filter to buy, speak with our experts at Sundance Spas of Edmonton today. We can help you find the right filter for your hot tub, and at a price that fits your budget perfectly. Not only that, but we also have a wide selection of hot tub accessories too, including water care products, covers, steps, drink holders, and so much more.

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