How To Clean Your Sundance® Spa Hot Tub Filter

sundance hot tub filter

Enjoying the luxury of a Sundance® Spa hot tub begins with clean water. One of the best ways to achieve this is by checking your hot tub filters for buildup and rinse or clean as necessary. If the filter is clogged, the hot tub pumps work harder, due to the strain of pulling water through the buildup of debris. The lifespan of your hot tub pumps is dramatically reduced when the spa filter isn’t cleaned routinely. Upkeep of your filter is needed often enough that do-it-yourself filter cleaning is fine, but only so long as ongoing maintenance of the filter isn’t neglected. Keep reading to learn more!


A hot tub filter cartridge has three parts:

  • The media, which is fabric-like and pleated. This is the part of the filter that catches debris as water passes through it.
  • The core is the filter’s internal structure. The core must be strong enough to maintain the integrity of the spa filter. Otherwise, the water flow is hindered.
  • The end caps are the plastic materials on each end of the filter, and they attach to the spa plumbing. Some filters have a slip-like attachment on the end cap and some have a threaded end.
  • In this article, we will be discussing ways to clean Sundance® Spa filters for the Traditional 680 Series, Enhanced 780 Series, Premium 880, Series and Elite 980 Series.


About every three to four months, drain your hot tub so that you can fill it with fresh water. This is also a good time to give your hot tub filter a cleaning. Use a hot tub filter cleaning product to clean the filter. Mix the filter cleaning solution with water according to the instructions. There should be enough water in a bucket to fully submerge the filter in the cleaning chemical solution. Keep the filter in the solution for 24 hours or overnight. The next day, use a garden spray gun to rinse the cleaning solution out of the filter with clean water. Do this for a lot longer than seems necessary, to eliminate the possibility of foamy hot tub water. You can also use a filter cleaning tool that will fit on your hose to make it faster easier and cleans better than just your regular garden spray nozzle.


The 780 and Select series has a two-part filter system. The outer filter is made with a Dacron weave fiber which is like all the other industry standard filters.  This material is great at removing hair, lint and larger particles out of the water.  However, due to the filter’s size and load capacity, it needs to be cleaned in a cleaning solution every 10 to 12 weeks. There is also a deep-load filter which is approved by the FDA and the NSF attached to the end of the Dacron filter.  This outer micro filter needs to be replaced every three to four months depending on use.  Like the 880 and 980 series, it removes all the very fine particles such as oils that pass through the main filter.  It is these small particles that can cause several water issues such as cloudy and foaming water.


The 880 and 980 series also has a two-part filter system that needs to be cleaned in a cleaning solution every 10 to 12 weeks. There is also an FDA and NSF approved inner core microfilter that needs to be replaced every five to six months depending on use.  This filter removes all the very fine particles such as oils and skin cells that pass through the main filter.

You can drain your 780, 880 and 980 series spas much less often (generally about every 12 months) as the microfilters remove most of the fine particulate that causes cloudy and foaming water among other issues.


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