Backyard Water Safety 101


Safety should always be top priority.

Especially when having fun near a pool or a hot tub in your backyard. If you take the right precautions for yourself, your family and your guests, you can avoid a wide range of issues and accidents. Creating a safe backyard for you and your loved ones to enjoy can provide you with a peace of mind. So you can get back to enjoying quality time spent with family and friends, and less on worrying if everyone is safe!

Read on and find out how you can create and maintain a safe backyard environment.


It’s very important to provide a safe place to swim or relax in the hot tub or pool for both you and your guests, but especially if there will be children around. Investing in slip-resistant mats to set up around the pool or hot tub areas can help prevent slips, trips and falls, especially when the ground is covered in water.

You should always have floatation devices available, including life jackets, which can help guests and children alike to stay afloat – even if they already know how to swim. Even if they are just floating around in a pool, you never know when the exhaustion of swimming or treading water is going to take over. Being able to grab onto something could help prevent a terrible experience.

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Keeping a clean and decluttered environment in your backyard can help prevent accidents. In other words, it is much better if there aren’t obstacles around or other things laying around that could cause somebody to trip over or get hurt.

Outdoor tables, chairs, and storage units in your patio area can provide a safe place to store pool-related items, mobile devices, towels, shoes, glasses, plates, toys or any other thing that might be laying around in your backyard.

A clean and well-organized environment often translates into a safer and more enjoyable experience for all! Not to mention how much better your backyard will look when it’s organized and not full of clutter!


Staying hydrated is often a big issue and a fundamental problem during most hot summer days by the pool. Most tend to forget to drink water throughout the day since they are staying cool and refreshed in the water.

This can sometimes result in dehydration and fatigue. It’s important to keep water handy, which can be done in a portable cooler or even an outdoor mini fridge. If you have small children in your backyard, make an announcement every 30 minutes or so to have a “water break” where everyone must pause what they are doing and have a big drink of water.


Kids will be kids, as you certainly know! To prevent accidents from happening, having a set of rules for safety in your backyard can be quite helpful. In doing so, you will be able to set some boundaries and tell children what they can or cannot do, especially guests who are new to your home.

In addition to setting up rules, it’s also important to instill constant adult supervision. An adult should be in the backyard and/or water at all times when there are children around. This can help to prevent accidents from happening and ensure that everyone has a great time!

Are you looking for more information, tips or ideas for extended backyard water safety? Feel free to contact us at Sundance Spas of Edmonton or take a look at a more in-depth explanatin of backyard pool safety and the importance swimming lessons!

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