Why It’s Essential To Have a Cover For Your Hot Tub


It’s easy to get excited about hot tubs and the many benefits they provide, but hot tub covers are truly just as essential! If you consider a cover just another of many hot tub parts, you could end up overlooking its significance. So, in this article, we’re uncovering the benefits of a hot tub cover, the signs that you need one, and how to select the perfect hot tub cover for you. Read on for more!


Hot tub covers may be more important than you realize! There are at least four benefits of these hot tub parts, least of not which, is that they rarely require any type of hot tub repair.

  • Hot tub covers do the important job of protecting children and pets from getting into the hot tub unattended.
  • Hot tub covers prevent impurities such as insects, trash, leaves, and other types of debris from getting into hot tubs when they are not in use.
  • The heat inside hot tubs is retained better with hot tub covers. This also helps to reduce heating costs.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight can harm a hot tub, but hot tub covers prevent such damage.


The value of hot tub covers is diminished when they are damaged in some way. Some simple repairs can be made, but there are times when a new cover is needed. The following are some of the signs you need a new hot tub cover:

  • If your hot tub cover shows signs of decay and deterioration, the protection and cost-reducing benefits are no longer in full effect.
  • If there are rips and tears that have been in your hot tub cover for a while, perhaps because they have gone undetected, the result could be that contaminants and pollutants are affecting your hot tub.
  • When a hot tub cover becomes heavier and odorous, moisture has almost certainly entered the cover. The growth of harmful bacteria such as mold is the natural result, and getting a new cover is important.
  • A primary reason hot tub covers break down is because of an improper chemical balance maintained in the water. Damage caused by acidic vapors becomes evident. For instance, the foam cores of hot tub covers become brittle.


When you are ready to choose a hot tub cover, you can rest assured you’ll get friendly assistance from the professionals at Sundance Spas of Edmonton. In the meantime, the following are some of the considerations and tips on how to choose a hot tub cover:

  • Check written specifications provided by the hot tub manufacturer, to ensure that you get a new cover of the correct size.
  • There are various options for the materials covering hot tub covers. A key feature to look for is a cover that is mildew resistant.
  • If you have children or if your hot tub may be accessible to kids who live in the area, it’s best to buy a heavier hot tub cover that children are unable to move by themselves.
  • Look for the best deals on hot tub cover warranties.


At Sundance® Spas of Edmonton, we’re proud suppliers of many time-tested, no-hassle covers and cover lifts such as SunStrong™ spa covers made with premium outdoor Sunbrella® fabric, The CoverMate™ I, CoverMate™ Freestyle, and The Cover Valet™. We’ll gladly help you with all of your needs, including hot tub sales, hot tub repair, hot tub parts, and hot tub covers. Stop by today or call 1-800-221-8539, if you are looking for quality hot tub covers for sale in the Edmonton area.

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