Top 4 Hot Tub Features You Need To Experience


Industry-leading hot tubs are designed and built to offer you maximum comfort and an outstanding overall experience. This luxurious experience is possible due to the innovation behind the integrated features. Most modern hot tubs, especially from the Sundance® Spas brand, have an incredible array of features than can help to improve the functionality of your spa, helping it become a vital asset to your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at four of some of the most advanced hot tub features.


Hot tub jets are an absolute classic, and they are found in pretty much any great hot tub on the market. Hot tub jets are perfect for comfort and relaxation, not to mention that they can offer many health benefits through powerful water-based massage.

Jets can help heal inflammation, reduce built-up tension in stress-prone areas, speed up recovery from stretching injuries, and even offer some soothing relief from muscle and joint pain. Most jets have various features that allow users to control their power and mode of operation, bringing many exciting possibilities to the table.


High-end Sundance® Spas hot tubs are built to offer comfortable seating features that will further enhance the experience of the user. These seats are designed to be ergonomically-friendly, so not only are they comfortable, but they’re good for you too.

Needless to say, being comfortable is paramount to the hot tub experience. Comfort is the first thing anyone looks for in a hot tub. Luxurious seating could be the best way to know you are getting all the coziness you deserve when you are about to purchase a new hot tub.


Interactive and innovative lighting systems are integrated within Sundance® Spas hot tubs. Take the 880™ series models for example. They feature illuminated grab bars to enhance the safety and functionality of the spa. Strategically placed throughout the hot tub, they can make entering and exiting the spa safe for you and your family.

LED lighting is placed throughout each spa, to help create an atmosphere and improve your hot tub experience. Since they are LED lights, they only consume up to 7.5% of the energy used by equivalent incandescent lighting systems. To put things into perspective, if you ran this LED lighting system for three hours every single day, you would only spend about 50 cents a year (based on electricity at 10 cents per kwh).

Exterior lighting can also prove to be an essential within your outdoor hot tub installation. Particularly if you intend on relaxing in your hot tub after the sun goes down and into the evening. Nobody likes to be in the hot tub when it’s pitch black. Not only is it a little unnerving and annoying, but it can also present a safety hazard.

Lights have a functional aspect to them, but they can also greatly enhance the looks of your hot tub installation, bringing aesthetically pleasing atmospheres, particularly during the evening and at night. Try adding in-ground lights, motion-detecting lights, and even twinkle lights to your backyard hot tub installation.


A good spa stereo system can help you create a comfortable mood and an outstanding atmosphere. You can enjoy some of your favourite tracks, all within the comfort of your hot tub. Modern hot tubs have speakers and stereo systems that are built-in, and often compatible with Bluetooth connectivity, to enable wireless streaming. In other words, this means that you would be able to play your favourite music, add ambiance through soothing sounds and even connect your devices for unlimited streaming options.


Find out more and feel free to get in touch with our team at Sundance Spas of Edmonton. We have a wide selection of Sundance® Spas hot tubs for sale in Edmonton, Alberta. With help from the experts at our Edmonton hot tub store, we can help you create the hot tub installation of your dreams.

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