Top 4 Pool Exercises

women doing exercise in pool

Swim spas and hot tubs are great for anyone looking to exercise. Performing physical activities in the water offers many amazing benefits, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. The action of the water will help you with more stability, and it will also prevent stretching injuries. All while maintaining an effective workout.

The reason why water exercises can offer outstanding results is that the water offers some extra resistance. This allows your muscles to work hard, but without the usual strain you would put on them with regular exercise. The following list features 4 amazing exercises that you can perform in the pool with ease.


This is a classic exercise that works well for people of all ages. Simply stand in the water and jump in place, reaching your arms up high to the sky and legs together as you jump, then extending both for the next jump. This will help you strengthen your cardiovascular health, as well as stretch and strengthen your hips, arms, back, lower abdomen and legs.


It might sound silly, but floating in the water is actually a great exercise. It requires strength and balance to stay still in the water. This exercise will help you develop muscle strength throughout your core and entire body, and it might help you with back pain and other issues.

This exercise is simple: stretch your body in the water and try to hold as still and straight as you can. It might not be as easy as it might seem, but you will benefit from this particular exercise a lot more than you could imagine.


Often colloquially referred to as the “turbo engine” exercise, this particular one is very simple. You can lay in the water back up, keeping your head up. Hold on to the edge of the spa with both your hands and stretch as much as you can. Once you’re in place, use your fit to propel yourself as if you were trying to swim away! This exercise will strengthen your legs and lower abdomen, but also your arms.

If you are looking for a nice alternative, you can simply flip your body over and do some flutter kicks for something just as easy, yet different.


This exercise can be performed easily by everyone. Simply sit down on some steps or stand up in the shallow end of the pool, and stretch your arms inwards and outwards underwater. This will help you strengthen and stretch your arm muscles.


Before attempting any of these exercises, it’s highly recommended to speak to a physician first. This way, you can get the best advice according to your needs and particular health status. Safety is indeed very important. Make sure you equip your pool with all the best safety features to exercise, including slip mats to prevent injuries. If you exercise under the hot sun, remember to take frequent breaks in the shade, use sun screen and stay hydrated!

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