How To Use a Hot Tub in the Summertime

Sundace Spas in summertime

Don’t let the name fool you: your hot tub is not only great to enjoy the benefits of hot water. It is also great to stay cool, comfortable and refreshed during the summer months. This is exactly the reason why many home owners consider installing a tub just before the summer period. This article will show you a few tips on how to make the most of your tub during the hot Edmonton summer and reap its benefits!

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You can use your hot tub as a “cool tub” by simply turning down the temperature, or turning off the heater altogether.

Once the water temperature drops, you can save some money on heating costs and enjoy a refreshing soak during a hot sunny day!


Bathing in your spa is a great way to recover from summer outdoor activities. Vacations might be all about relaxation, but hot days and activities under the sun might take their toll on your body. A quick afternoon dip in your cool tub will help you gain some energy and restore your body after summer activities such as hiking, sports, exercise, or walking in general.

A quick, cool dip is also perfect to avoid potential stretching injuries. The water might help you relax your muscles and get rid of stress.

Summer nights are always a bit cooler, and the hot tub can still come in handy and provide some great relaxation. Turning up the temperature in the evening provides warm water which significantly relaxes your muscles and help relieve stress.


For most people, hot tubs provide a great opportunity to socialize and spend some quality time with friends and family. Hot tub owners can have backyard hot tub parties and BBQs. Hot tub installations are extremely popular during summer and enable users to feel like they’re on vacation with family and friends, all without the need to leave their home and travel somewhere far away!


As mentioned earlier, hot tubs can still be used at night during summer. Usually, summer nights might still be cooler than the daytime temperature, so it makes perfect sense to take an evening dip in nice warm water. Besides the amazing health benefits, of sleeping better and destressing an evening hot tub could also make for a nice atmosphere for a romantic date or even a relaxing get-together with a few friends

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