What Is Hot Tub Yoga? Spa Yoga Positions & Benefits


Yogis have a reputation for finding creative and innovative ways to practice their discipline. From hot yoga to restorative yoga, there is a niche of yoga for everyone.

Hot tub yoga is a new and exciting type of yoga that is taking the country by storm, and its followers are extremely enthusiastic about the benefits that they are reaping from it.

Have you ever heard of hot tub yoga before? Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you’re just now learning about the different practices, hot tub yoga can be exactly what you need to help restore your body and spirit.

Who Can Hot Tub Yoga Help?

Hot tub yoga is a fantastic fitness option for people of all ages and genders. Seniors can partake in hot tub yoga to help them maintain their mobility and stay in shape. Serious athletes can also put hot tub yoga to use, as it can help with their flexibility and help them recover from a serious workout.

Even beginner yogis can appreciate hot tub yoga, as it can be very beneficial and help them to relax and unwind after a long and stressful day.

How to Practice Hot Tub Yoga

One thing to remember is that there is no “wrong” way to practice yoga. Even if you feel as though you are struggling with the poses and the movements, you can still reap many benefits of hot tub yoga. Hot tub yoga can be very gentle, making it a wonderful option for you. To practice it, you will want to start by learning a few basic moves.

For instance, you may want to practice spinal twists in your hot tub. Start in a seated position and wrap your arms around yourself in an embrace. Gently twist your body from the left side then to the right side, then return your body to the center. You can also employ the standing tree pose, too.

First, stand up. Lift one foot, then prop it against the calf of your leg. Extend your arms above your head and hold up to twenty seconds, then slowly switch to the other leg.

Spa Yoga Positions


  • Mountain Pose
  • Plank Pose
  • Triangle Pose
  • Modified Child’s Pose


  • Tree Pose
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Modified Seated Forward Bend


  • Lord of the Dance Pose
  • Lotus Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Eagle Pose

The Benefits of Hot Tub Yoga

There are so many advantages to practicing hot tub yoga! It can help you maintain a healthy body weight, and it’s also a phenomenal way to help you recover from an injury.

Hot tub yoga can also help improve your mobility and flexibility, too. It’s also a great cardio workout, but its benefits on your muscles can’t be overlooked, either.

All in all, hot tub yoga is an incredible way to get a workout and gently strengthen and tone your body and your mind.

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