Tips To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Girl in the Sundance Spa Hot Tub

Soaking in a spa with massaging jets is a pleasure complete with health benefits, but the water really needs to be clean. It’s not so pleasant or healthy to soak in cloudy water since murkiness is a sign that the water is dirty, contaminated, or out of balance. Giving the hot tub filter a good rinsing is an example of necessary weekly maintenance and testing the balance of hot tub chemicals is another. Check out our basic tips to keep your hot tub water clean all year around.


Hot tub maintenance that keeps your water sparkling clean involves these three C’s: circulation, cleaning, and chemistry. Understanding the significance of the three C’s can provide proper incentives to keep up with hot tub maintenance:


Flowing waters in a spa run clean (not still waters) because the circulation removes contaminants, as long as the hot tub filters are clean. Without a clean filter and a pump that keeps waters moving, your water won’t be clean. Make sure your spa circulates for a minimum of 20 minutes daily, so that the water remains clean and filtered. Here’s a bonus tip: Between uses, toss a tennis ball in the spa water. The fibers on the ball soak up the lotions, oils, and soaps from skin and clothing.


It is essential for your hot tub and hot tub installation to be cleaned weekly. Spas tend to develop scum. Use a clean sponge and white vinegar to clean your hot tub’s shell, the jets, and the scum line that forms on the edges of the waterline.

About every three or four months, drain and thoroughly clean your hot tub.  If, however, there is frequent usage, and / or many people have been in the hot tub, don’t wait as long as three months.

Part of the cleaning process is hot tub filter maintenance. Rinse the filter weekly, spray with a cleaner monthly, and soak the filter in a chemical cleaner every three or four months. Sundance Spas of Edmonton does provide hot tub services that take care of cleaning, we have a gold service and a platinum service.


For sparkling spa water, maintaining a proper balance of hot tub chemicals is essential. Do-it-Yourself spa maintenance is totally doable, though it’s getting the chemical balance wrong that most people worry about. Resources are available that make it easy to adjust water chemistry, when necessary. You can use liquid test kits or test strips. The following are the vital chemicals to keep handy so that you can adjust the spa water, as needed:

  • Alkalinity increaser
  • Sanitizer, such as chlorine, bromine, or ozone
  • pH decreaser
  • pH increaser
  • Test strips
  • Hot tub shock


Persistent diligence is required to properly maintain spa water. It’s not the kind of job that should be left to chance. You can use various apps to set up a maintenance schedule. Many people keep a dry erase board near the hot tub to check off completed task and make notes, for instance, when the chemical supply is running low.


Sundance Spa of Edmonton carries high-quality spas from Sundance® Spas.  In addition, it’s the place to find the hot tub filters and hot tub chemicals needed for keeping spas clean. Contact us today at 800-221-8539 for all your spa-related needs. With help from our experts, we can help you create your dream hot tub installation and care for it for years to come.

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