Pool Maintenance Basics


You can experience so many benefits while owning a backyard swimming pool! From exercise and recreation, to a stress-free and relaxing afternoon – just about everyone can benefit from an enjoyable swim! The key to maintaining this crystal-clear and refreshing environment, is safety and sanitation. Maintaining your pool on a regular basics is essential to the longevity and quality of your pool system, as well as the cleanliness of the water.

Keep reading to learn more about the basics of backyard pool maintenance.


At Sundance Spas of Edmonton, the safety of our customers and readers is always our top priority. It’s crucial that while maintaining, cleaning, and using your swimming pool that safety measures are taken into consideration and implemented.

Pool chemicals should always be stored safely and locked away. This way, no children, pets, or wildlife can access them. While these products are being used, it’s recommended that you use goggles and gloves, to avoid any direct contact. If direct contact does happen, rinse the affected area and seek medical attention immediately.

You should create and maintain a safe and functional backyard as a part of your pool installation. Outdoor furniture such as chairs, couches, and patio dining areas can help keep items off the ground and in sight, to help avoid trips and falls. Make sure pool toys and accessories are not collecting water, as sitting water can attract mosquitoes.

Exterior lighting can also help enhance a safe backyard environment. For more ideas and advice when creating a functional backyard, contact our team of experts at Sundance Spas of Edmonton.


Pool maintenance includes several different steps. For ideal upkeep, you should create a weekly cleaning schedule. This can help to ensure that you’re always on top of the sanitation and quality of your pool water, and that you don’t miss a step during maintenance. Aside from your weekly maintenance, there are certain instances where shocking your pool may be beneficial to your safety and the water quality.

Some of these instances include:

  • Rain and/or wind storms
  • More usage than usual
  • Strong odor
  • Dirty, murky, or slimy water quality
  • Growth of algae
  • Extremely high temperatures
  • Swimmers experience dry, burning or red eyes

Contact the experts at Sundance Spas of Edmonton for more information about pool shock and other products you should use during your weekly routine.


There are five general steps that you should include during your weekly pool cleaning routine.


When the levels in your pool are balanced, the system can run smoothly and effectively. You should always ensure that the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness are level. This can help prevent corrosion throughout the components of your pool, scale build-up on surfaces, and eye/skin irritation.


Adding chlorine to your pool water can help prevent and eliminate the growth of unwanted bacteria and algae. You should aim to keep your chlorine level between 1 and 4 ppm for ideal sanitation.

There are a few different methods you can make use of to properly chlorinate your pool, including chlorine tabs and liquid chlorine. Speak with the pool experts at Sundance Spas of Edmonton to find the right solution for your pool.


Shocking your pool water can help to eliminate impurities, such as bacteria and algae. Some of these contaminants can make the water murky or cloudy, and even irritate swimmers.


Algae can greatly damage your swimming pool if left untreated. Even a simple rainfall can bring algae into your pool, where it can affect filters, water circulation and even affect pool cleaning products. By adding an algaecide, you can reduce and eliminate the growth of algae and ultimately protect the quality of your pool. If you notice the sudden growth of algae, quickly add an algaecide for quick and effective results.


Aside from cleaning the pool during your weekly routine, you should aim to regularly check your pool water and remove debris with a skimmer or net. Removing debris frequently can help prevent a build-up of leaves, dirt or insects and even help promote the longevity of the components within your pool.

Make sure to check and clean all the accessible components within your pool, including skimmer baskets. Speak with one of the team members at Sundance Spas of Edmonton for more information about which components should be cleaned regularly and how to clean them. Once you’ve finished, hose down the pool area away and enjoy!

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