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How to Clean Your Sundance® Spa Hot Tub Filter


Enjoying the luxury of a Sundance® Spa hot tub begins with clean water. One of the best ways to achieve this is by checking your hot tub filters for buildup and rinse or clean as necessary. If the filter is clogged, the hot tub pumps work harder, due to the strain of pulling water through the buildup of debris. The lifespan of your hot tub pumps is dramatically reduced when the spa filter isn’t cleaned routinely. Upkeep of your filter is needed often enough that do-it-yourself filter cleaning is fine, but only so long as ongoing maintenance of the filter isn’t neglected. Keep reading to learn more!

Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Soaking in a spa with massaging jets is a pleasure complete with health benefits, but the water really needs to be clean. It’s not so pleasant or healthy to soak in cloudy water since murkiness is a sign that the water is dirty, contaminated, or out of balance. Giving the hot tub filter a good rinsing is an example of necessary weekly maintenance and testing the balance of hot tub chemicals is another. Check out our basic tips to keep your hot tub water clean all year around.

Why It’s Essential to Have a Cover for Your Hot Tub

Why It’s Essential to Have a Cover for Your Hot Tub

It’s easy to get excited about hot tubs and the many benefits they provide, but hot tub covers are truly just as essential! If you consider a cover just another of many hot tub parts, you could end up overlooking its significance. So, in this article, we’re uncovering the benefits of a hot tub cover, the signs that you need one, and how to select the perfect hot tub cover for you. Read on for more!

How to Throw an Epic Pool Party in 3 Simple Steps


When the summer sun hits, there’s nothing quite like a pool party to keep you refreshed and relaxed. Whether you’re lounging in your own backyard paradise or splashing about in a public pool, a swimming pool party is the only acceptable way to spend your summer days, especially when vacationing isn’t an option. So, grab your swimsuits, prepare your playlist and soak in our top three tips on throwing an epic pool party that will be as memorable as it is fun. Read on for more!

5 Incredible Ways to Revamp Your Backyard for Spring


Itching to make changes to your backyard?

If you’re tired of the typical lawn-and-patio backyard, and you’re looking for new ways to make your outdoor space pop, then keep reading. From hammocks to hot tubs, and firepits to foliage, here are five incredible ways to revamp your backyard for the spring.

5 Easy Steps to Open Your Pool for the Summer


Spring has sprung!

That can mean only one thing. It’s time to open your pool! If you’re a new pool owner or are taking care of your pool for the first time, then keep reading! These steps will have you well on your way to having a clean pool and a stress-free spring opening.

How to Clean Your Hot Tub in 4 Simple Steps

How to Clean Your Hot Tub in 4 Simple Steps

Want to keep your hot tub in tip-top condition? We recommend draining, cleaning and refilling your hot tub once every three months to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. Follow these simple steps to keep your hot tub clean inside and out.

Everything You Need to Know About Hydrotherapy and More

frothy water splash

Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, is one of the safest and most-traditional ways to heal the body and mind. Used extensively by physiotherapists in the treatment of sore muscles, it’s quickly become one of the unique perks of owning a hot tub.

If you’re in the market for a hot tub and want to learn how hydrotherapy can ease the pain of injuries or arthritis, control blood sugar levels, or even give you a decent night’s sleep, then read on as we dive into the benefits of this ancient tradition, and how it works.

How Hot Tubs Help Sore Muscles and Joints

Happy couple inside the hot tub.

Is muscle and joint pain an issue that affects your overall quality of life? Chronic pain is indeed not easy to live with, and many recur to extreme solutions. Some of which include medication, expensive therapy, and even surgery. A much more beneficial and natural form of physical therapy is using a hot tub regularly. Many people use hot tubs and swim spas to enjoy their many health benefits, including soothing sore muscles and reducing joint pain. Let’s take a closer look at how relaxing inside a hot tub can help improve how you feel physically.

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Hot Tub in the Winter

Outdoor hot tub in the winter.

As we get deeper into winter, people are spending more time indoors, huddling under blankets with the heat turned up to fend off the cold. During this cold season, you can really start to miss spending time outside. Luckily, there is a solution. A hot tub is the perfect winter treat! You can spend time with friends and family, heal sore muscles and find some quiet time in your busy schedule to relax and recuperate. Keep reading to find out how you can make the most of your hot tub this winter season!

Top 5 Hot Tub Exercises

Playing football around a hot tub

Exercise, as you might know, is the gateway to a healthy lifestyle. Regular training will help you feel more energetic, as well as prevent injuries and other issues that might affect your lifestyle. Introducing fitness to the comfort of your hot tub can enable you to reap the benefits of a low-impact form of training, that’s also a lot of fun! Keep reading to learn more about five staple exercises that can really help you tone your body and maintain good health. With fun and creative water workouts, you can spice up your training routine and make the most out of your hot tub!

Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tub Yoga

Yoga Stretching in front of Hot Tub

Hot tub yoga is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and inspiring physical activities to practice at home. This discipline combines the many benefits of yoga, with the well-known properties of hot tubs. In short, this wellness activity provides a great combination of proven health benefits in a comfortable setting. In addition to that, hot tub yoga is very welcoming and accessible. You do not need to be a fitness guru or a seasoned athlete in order to reap the benefits. From children to seniors, from middle-aged men to teenagers and more, anybody can practice hot tub yoga and gain the great health benefits.

Read on to learn more!

Top 4 Hot Tub Features You Need to Experience

Hot Tub Features

Industry-leading hot tubs are designed and built to offer you maximum comfort and an outstanding overall experience. This luxurious experience is possible due to the innovation behind the integrated features. Most modern hot tubs, especially from the Sundance® Spas brand, have an incredible array of features than can help to improve the functionality of your spa, helping it become a vital asset to your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at four of some of the most advanced hot tub features.

3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Hot Tub Cover

Brown Hot Tub

Are you feeling a little bit suspicious about the current state of your hot tub cover? Sadly, this might mean that your trusty old cover has run its course and you might need to sort out a replacement as soon as possible. Living with a hot tub cover that has not been working properly might damage your hot tub and might also bring about some health risks for you and your family. Find out more about the signs that might be telling you that you need a new hot tub cover!

How to Efficiently and Properly Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Pool Cleaning Items

Are you starting to get ready for the winter season?

We don’t blame you! Especially in Edmonton, summer is sadly on its way out. Although we might still be able to enjoy the occasional sunny day, it’s probably time to start preparing your swimming pool to face the cold winter season. Shutting down your swimming pool properly during the winter is very important, especially if you want to avoid issues that can result in damage your pool. Ultimately, leaving you with a nasty surprise to discover in the springtime!


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